Ancillary Systems

Auxiliary facilities for power cycles are supporting systems for maintaining their operation. Most important among them are water treatment facilities including external and internal treatment. Considering overall plant water demand, external treatment usually lies in a separate unit while internal treatment is by a set of equipment normally near the boilers. Electrical devices for reception, transmission and distribution of purchased and generated electricity can be included in this list.

A special and sensitive supporting system is the condensate treatment to provide recycling of condensate that reduces make-up water demand. Normally, it is attached to the boiler, in order to polish condensate to acceptable standards to be fed back to water boiler. Guaranteeing a good treating capacity is critical for a safe boiler operation, simultaneously reducing boiler water costs and increasing steam quality.

The cooling utility can be another significant ancillary system, if a condensing turbine is in use. In this case, the amount of power released might be directly linked to good cooling operation.

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