Analysis Methods for CO2 Balances

Martin Wolf, Birgit Himmelreich, and Jörn Korte

1.1 CO2 Balances and Carbon Footprints 33

1.1.1 Measuring Impact on Global Warming 33

1.1.2 A Simple CO2 Balance 34

1.1.3 Carbon Footprints - A Few Examples 35

1.1.4 Company Carbon Balances 36

1.1.5 CO2 Balances Related to Emission Certificates 38

1.1.6 The CO2 Abatement Curve 38

1.2 Product Carbon Footprints (PCF) 40

1.2.1 PCF Methodology 41 Goal and Scope 41 Data Retrieval and Data Sources 42 Calculation Tools 42

1.2.2 PCF from Cradle-to-Gate 42 Energy Supply 44 Raw Materials 46 Logistics and Supply Chain 47 Manufacturing and Product Allocation 48

1.2.3 Cradle-to-Grave Carbon Footprints 51

1.3 Remarks and Summary 54 References 54

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