The increasing role of the emerging countries

Following the globalisation of the economy, an increasing proportion of the industrial activities, in particular those consuming large quantities of energy, has been transferred to the emerging countries, China, India and Brazil.

Delocalisation of much of the production to these countries, together with the fast development of their economies, has resulted in a sharp upsurge in their energy consumption. This trend, particularly striking in China, tends to exacerbate tensions.

There are numerous consequences. Not only does development of the emerging countries intensify the rate of growth of the world energy demand, it also has implications for the distributions between the various energies consumed. The growth of China, for example, has quickly driven up the demand for coal.

This situation also has geopolitical consequences. Now having become a major economic power and having to import an increasing share of its oil, China is seeking to secure its supplies by strengthening its political influence over the producing countries.

The influence of the Western economies, in particular Europe, is therefore reduced in the future trends of the energy sector.

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