A new lifestyle

As already stressed, the present situation requires a thorough transformation of our economic model. In order to perform such a transformation under acceptable conditions, innovating technologies are needed. New pathways have to be explored, opening a wide field of investigation for research.

Technological progress alone is not enough. The changes brought by technology have to be used within a more general framework, involving an evolution in the way of life and mentalities.

Such a project requires the right policy and governance on a worldwide scale.

It is only by inventing new solutions for improving the quality of life while reducing energy consumption, that it will be possible to get the support of public opinion. Any pollution, chemical, acoustic or even visual threatens the quality of life. Looking for a harmonious and healthy setting is a concern of growing importance for everybody. Well developed countries have to show how to improve the quality of the environment and implement sustainable solutions. Emerging countries will thus be encouraged to adopt such a new paradigm, rather than undergo all the development stages that have been followed by the richer countries.

What happens now will be decisive for the years 2030-2050. A strong political will is essential for adopting the appropriate legislation and framework required to implement the changes which are needed.

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