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Calculations in this chapter draw from the thermal properties of snow and ice discussed in chapter 2, with the discussion of sea-ice thermodynamics based on Bitz and Lipscomb (1999). This has its roots in the classical model of Maykut and Untersteiner (1971). Bitz and Marshall (2011) extend this to a more general treatment of cryospheric thermodynamics.

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The equations for modeling of shortwave radiation are outlined in Garnier and Ohmura (1968) and Oke (1987).

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There is a plethora of papers discussing energy balance calculations over snow and ice. Some excellent examples include:

Arnold, N.S., I.C. Willis, M.J. Sharp, K.S. Richards, and M.J. Lawson (1996). A distributed surface energy-balance model for a small valley glacier. I. Development and testing for Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Valais, Switzerland. Journal of Glaciology, 42 (140), 77-89.

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Surface energy balance field data from Kwadacha Glacier was collected by the author (unpublished). The field site and automatic weather station data from this site are discussed in:

Bolch, T., B. Menounos, and R. Wheate (2010). Landsat-based inventory of glaciers in western Canada, 1985-2005. Remote Sensing of the Environment, 114, 127-137.

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