Though this book has been fairly quick in the making, we have managed to accumulate a number of debts along the way.

Peter Newell would like to thank both Diana Liverman at Oxford University for allowing him the time and space to make progress on the book as a James Martin Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute and Bruce Lankford at the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia for enabling him to take up the fellowship. He would also like to acknowledge the support of the UK Economic and Social Research Council for his Climate Change Leadership Fellowship to work on areas closely related to the themes of the book. From PhD supervisor to collaborator, working with Mat has always been a pleasure and he is grateful to him for driving this project to conclusion when it could have fallen behind so many other competing commitments. Lastly, and most importantly, he would like to thank Lucila for her patience, love and support.

Matthew Paterson's research for this book has been supported by a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council grant, as well as by the University of Ottawa in supporting his application for teaching release. He thanks both institutions. He also thanks Peter for initially suggesting working together on a book with the theme of 'climate capitalism,' and for being such a fun person to work with. Finally, he thanks Jo for bullying him with reasonableness, a steady stream of ideas and articles from the new social media sources he resists unreasonably, and for the constant companionship of daily life which make writing feel easy.

Both would like to thank the following people. Firstly, Matt Lloyd for his encouragement and commitment to the book and hands-on approach to editing. Matt read the manuscript and gave extensive comments which have helped enormously to tighten the text. Second, Anice Paterson (Matthew's mum - our guinea-pig layreader!), who meticulously poured over an earlier draft of the manuscript and highlighted areas of academic jargon and climate-ese which we have sought to make accessible for the non-specialist reader. We are truly grateful for the effort she made. Four readers for Cambridge University Press commented on various chapters and helped us clarify various parts of the argument. We have benefited from research assistance on different chapters by Koffi Yenkey, Robert Macneil, Philippe Descheneau and from Helen Colyer in putting together the glossary. We interviewed a great many people during the research for this book - carbon traders, officials from government and international organisations, corporate executives, environmental activists - and we owe them a debt of thanks for their time, generosity, information and insight. Some of them are named here, many others are, however, anonymous.

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