Uncertainty assessment

In addition to the guidance above, specific procedures of relevance to this source category are outlined below. Review of emission factors

The inventory compiler should ensure that the original data source for national factors is applicable to each category and that accuracy checks on data acquisition and calculations have been performed. For default factors, the inventory compiler should ensure that the factors are applicable and relevant to the category. If possible, the default factors should be compared to national factors to provide further indication that the factors are applicable and reasonable.

Check of activity data

The source of the activity data should be reviewed to ensure applicability and relevance to the category. Where possible, the data should be compared to historical activity data or model outputs to look for anomalies. Where surveys data have been used, the sum of on-road and off-road fuel usage should be consistent with total fuel used in the country. In addition, a completeness assessment should be conducted, as described in Section

External review

The inventory compiler should carry out an independent, objective review of calculations, assumptions or documentation or both of the emissions inventory to assess the effectiveness of the QC programme. The peer review should be performed by expert(s) who are familiar with the source category and who understand national greenhouse gas inventory requirements.

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