Metal Industry Emissions


Section 4.1

Jerry Marks (USA)

Section 4.2

Jonathan Lubetsky (USA) and Bruce A. Steiner (USA) Section 4.3

Tor Faerden (Norway), Jonathan S. Lubetsky (USA), Tor Lindstad (Norway), Sverre E. Olsen (Norway), and Gabriella Tranell (Norway)

Section 4.4

Jerry Marks (USA), William Kojo Agyemang-Bonsu (Ghana), Mauricio Firmento Born (Brazil), Laurel Green (Australia), Halvor Kvande(Norway), Kenneth Martchek (USA), and Sally Rand (USA)

Section 4.5

Gabriella Tranell (Norway) and Tom Tripp (USA) Section 4.6

Jonathan S. Lubetsky (USA) and Jerry Marks (USA) Section 4.7

Jonathan S. Lubetsky (USA)

Contributing Authors

Section 4.2 Robert Lanza (USA)

Section 4.4

Vince Van Son (USA), Pablo Alonso (France), Ron Knapp (Australia), Stéphane Gauthier (Canada), Michel Lalonde (Canada), Hézio Ávila de Oliveira (Brazil), and Chris Bayliss (UK)

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