Expert judgement

Expert judgement on methodological choice and choice of input data to use is ultimately the basis of all inventory development and sector specialists can be of particular use to fill gaps in the available data, to select data from a range of possible values or make judgements about uncertainty ranges as described in Section Experts with suitable backgrounds can be found in government, industrial trade associations, technical institutes, industry and universities.

The goal of expert judgement may be choosing the proper methodology; the parameter value from ranges provided; the most appropriate activity data to use; the most appropriate way to apply a methodology; or determining the appropriate mix of technologies in use. A degree of expert judgement is required even when applying classical statistical techniques to data sets, since one must judge whether the data are a representative random sample and, if so, what methods to use to analyze the data. This requires both technical and statistical judgement. Interpretation is especially needed for data sets that are small, highly skewed or incomplete3. In all cases the aim is to be as representative as possible in order to reduce possible bias and increase accuracy. Formal methods for obtaining (or eliciting) data from experts are known as expert elicitation, see Annex 2A.1 for details.

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