3 Consistent Representation of Lands

3.1 Introduction 3.5

3.2 Land-use categories 3.5

3.3 Representing land-use areas 3.8

3.3.1 Three Approaches 3.10

Approach 1: Total land-use area, no data on conversions between land uses 3.10

Approach 2: Total land-use area, including changes between categories 3.12

Approach 3: Spatially-explicit land-use conversion data 3.13

3.3.2 Using the data 3.13 Stratification of land-use data 3.16 Preparing area data for emissions and removals estimation 3.18

3.4 Matching land areas with factors for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals 3.18

3.5 Uncertainties associated with the Approaches 3.19

Annex 3A.1 Examples of international land cover dataset 3.21

Annex 3A.2 Development of land-use databases 3.25

Annex 3A.3 Sampling 3.30

Annex 3A.4 Overview of potential methods for developing Approach 3 datasets 3.35

Annex 3A.5 Default climate and soil classifications 3.37

References 3.42

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