Choice of method

The decision tree in Figure 2.6 in Chapter 2 provides general guidance on the choice of the appropriate Tier to be used. The method of estimation of greenhouse gas emission from biomass burning involves the use of Equation 2.27 (Chapter 2). Under a Tier 1 approach, the activity data are normally highly aggregated, and combustion and emissions factors are the default values provided in Chapter 2. Under a Tier 2, estimates are generally developed for the major crop types by climate zone, using country-specific residue accumulation rates and country-specific combustion and emission estimates. Tier 3 is a very country-specific method involving process modelling and/or detailed measurement.

All countries should strive for improving inventory and reporting approaches by applying the highest Tier possible, given national circumstances. If burning in Cropland Remaining Cropland is a key category, countries should use either Tier 2 or Tier 3 method.

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