Table 42b continued

Biotic Rank Contributors


External Diversity Importance

Interaction Species Functional Habitat

Detoxification, waste disposal

Climate regulation (C sequestration)

Food web support processes

Atmosphere composition

Flood and erosion control

Redox processes

Habitat Maintenance Services

Landscape linkage & structure/ habitat/refugia

Aesthetic Services Spiritual/cultural Aesthetic Recreation

Scientific understanding

—3 to 3 microbes, benthos circulation, resuspension, sedimentation bioturbators, microbes, hydrodynamic terrestrial &

infauna, mobile fauna processes, upwelling, pelagic input resuspension, sedimentation entire benthos hydrodynamic pro- terrestrial & pelagic cesses, upwelling, input resuspension, sedimentation, oxygen microbes oxygen, substrate, turbulent mixing bioturbators, microbes oxygen carbon flux new life forms, depth, sulfide, methane microbes, symbioses deep sea corals, oxygen, temperature, carbon flux, 2

methane seeps depth, substrate larval stages

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