Table 31b Positive ecosystem service rankings relative within fresh waters not quantitative for rivers and waterways

Explanation of service values:

(—3) = strong disservice; (0) = neutral; (3) = strong positive; n.a. = not applicable.

Goods and Services

Service Rank




Service Rank

Waterways: Managed (Channelized)



Provisional Services

Food production Plant

Animal fish shellfish

Other products



Potable water

decomposers, organic matter transformation, nutrient transformation (nitrification, etc.), intact food web nutrient cycling, decomposition, nitrification, phosphate liberation, DON, DOC

trophic status, nutrient inputs, temperature residence time, depth topography

modified food web n.a. n.a.

nitrification, phosphate liberation, DON, DOC

chemical inputs, depth, geomorphology, topography, precipitation, trophic status, nutrient inputs, temperature n.a. n.a.


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