Implications for Sustaining Ecosystems 191

Richard D. Bardgett

8. Connecting Soil and Sediment Biodiversity:

The Role of Scale and Implications for Management 193

Patrick Lavelle, David E. Bignell, Melanie C. Austen,Valerie K. Brown,Valerie Behan-Pelletier, James R. Garey, Paul S. Giller, Stephen J. Hawkins, George G. Brown, Mark St. John, H.William Hunt, and Eldor A. Paul

Contents | ix

9. Cascading Effects of Deforestation on Ecosystem Services Across Soils and Freshwater and Marine Sediments 225

Phillip Ineson, Lisa A. Levin, Ronald T. Kneib, Robert O. Hall, Jr., Jan Marcin Weslawski, Richard D. Bardgett, David A. Wardle, Diana H. Wall, Wim H. van der Putten, and Holley Zadeh

10. Understanding the Functions of Biodiversity in Soils and Sediments Will Enhance Global Ecosystem Sustainability and Societal Well-Being 249

Diana H.Wall, Richard D. Bardgett, Alan P. Covich, and Paul V.R. Snelgrove

Contributors 255

SCOPE Series List 261

SCOPE Soil and Sediment Biodiversity and Ecosystem

Functioning (SSBEF) Committee Publications 265

SCOPE Executive Committee 2001-2004 269

Index 271

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