Functions and Taxa99

Paul V.R. Snelgrove

5. Vulnerability to Global Change of Ecosystem

Goods and Services Driven by Soil Biota 101

David A. Wardle,Valerie K. Brown,Valerie Behan-Pelletier, Mark St. John,Todd Wojtowicz, Richard D. Bardgett, George G. Brown, Phillip Ineson, Patrick Lavelle,Wim H.van der Putten, Jonathan M.Anderson, Lijbert Brussaard, H.William Hunt, Eldor A. Paul, and Diana H.Wall

6. Vulnerability and Management of Ecological Services in Freshwater Systems 137

Paul S. Giller, Alan P. Covich, Katherine C. Ewel, Robert O. Hall, Jr., and David M. Merritt

7. Vulnerability of Marine Sedimentary Ecosystem

Services to Human Activities 161

Paul V.R. Snelgrove, Melanie C. Austen, Stephen J. Hawkins, Thomas M. Iliffe, Ronald T. Kneib, Lisa A. Levin, Jan Marcin Weslawski, Robert B.Whitlatch, and James R. Garey

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