Figures and Tables xi

Foreword xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments XiX

1. The Need for Understanding How Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Affect Ecosystem

Services in Soils and Sediments 1

Diana H.Wall, Richard D. Bardgett, Alan P. Covich, and Paul V.R. Snelgrove

Part I. Ecosystem Processes and the Sustainable

Delivery of Goods and Services 13

Alan P. Covich

2. The Sustainable Delivery of Goods and Services

Provided by Soil Biota 15

Wim H. van der Putten, Jonathan M. Anderson, Richard D.

Bardgett,Valerie Behan-Pelletier, David E. Bignell, George G. Brown,Valerie K. Brown, Lijbert Brussaard, H.William Hunt, Phillip Ineson,T. Hefin Jones, Patrick Lavelle, Eldor A. Paul, Mark St. John, David A. Wardle,Todd Wojtowicz, and Diana H.Wall

3. Ecosystem Services Provided by Freshwater Benthos 45

Alan P. Covich, Katherine C. Ewel, Robert O. Hall, Jr., Paul S. Giller, Willem Goedkoop, and David M. Merritt

4. Marine Sedimentary Biota as Providers of Ecosystem Goods and Services 73

Jan Marcin Weslawski, Paul V.R. Snelgrove, Lisa A. Levin, Melanie C.Austen, Ronald T. Kneib,Thomas M. Iliffe,James R. Garey, Stephen J. Hawkins, and Robert B.Whitlatch

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