This book is a product of the final workshop of the SCOPE Committee on Soil and Sediment Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (SSBEF) held in October 2002. Funding for the workshop and the publication of this book was graciously provided by a private, anonymous US foundation that also supported many of the other exciting interdisciplinary SSBEF workshops. For their support and dedication to advancing understanding on the role of a significant component of the world's biodiversity, I am deeply appreciative. The Ministries of Agriculture and the Environment, the Netherlands, also contributed funding for early SCOPE SSBEF workshops.

The SCOPE Soil and Sediment Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Committee began in 1996. The Steering Committee, composed of Margaret Palmer, USA; T. Henry Blackburn, Denmark; Fred Grassle, USA; Patricia Hutchings, Australia; Timo Kairesalo, Finland; Isao Koike, Japan; Josef Rusek, Czech Republic; David Hawksworth, Spain; and especially Lijbert Brussaard, the Netherlands, was instrumental in the direction of the SSBEF synthesis workshops and publications. Holley Zadeh devoted countless hours to preparation of this book, and her energy, patience, excellent organizational and scientific editing skills strengthened this book, for which I am ever so grateful. Additional thanks go to VĂ©ronique Plocq Fichelet, Executive Director, SCOPE, and Susan Greenwood Etienne, SCOPE secretariat; the many reviewers who contributed their time to the quality of this book; to Lily Huddleson for her work on the cover design and many of the figures; and to Laurie Richards, Patti Orth, and Stella Salvo at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. Gina Adams added greatly to the success of the SSBEF Committee over the years, by co-authoring proposals, organizing interactive workshops, and editing publications. Hal Mooney and Alan Covich gave me unlimited and frequent encouragement and added scientific focus. Wren Wirth energized and enabled a real contribution to knowledge on life below the surface. To all of these friends and colleagues, my sincere thanks.

Diana H. Wall

The Need for Understanding How Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Affect Ecosystem Services in Soils and Sediments

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