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Fig. 9.22 Vaccinium myrtillus and possible responses to seasonal differences in relation to climatic warming. For explanation see Fig. 9.21.

northern Siberia, extending to the southern part of Novaya Zemlya. The most northerly present location is on the west coast of Spitsbergen at 79° N in Kongsfjord (Ronning, 1996). The present temperature conditions appear suitable for a wider extension in the region to the east of the Hudson Bay and in western Greenland. Increased summer warming would result in an increased presence in Greenland,

Spitsbergen, and Novaya Zemlya but would reduce the occurrence of the species in Scandinavia and northern Siberia. The converse conditions with warmer winters would appear to favour an expansion westwards in North America and eastwards in Siberia. Winter cooling would be likely to favour a southern extension of the species in Europe and a retreat in eastern Siberia.

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