Mid Holocene Thermal Maximum

The Mid-Holocene Thermal Maximum occurred about 6,000 years ago. Paleoclimatologists have determined that this period was somewhat warmer than it is today. Scientists have uncovered a significant amount of evidence relating to this period and have made great strides in understanding the global issues concerning the cause and extent of temperature change. Changes in the Earth's orbit eventually combined to alter the amount of solar radiation that was reaching various areas of the Earth, according to NOAA. They have concluded that temperatures above summer temperatures today in the Northern Hemisphere did occur. Other evidence that supports the occurrence of this event includes vegetation zones that migrated to different latitudes and changes in precipitation patterns. Experts believe the mid-Holocene warmed the Earth 1.7-3.3°F (1-2°C) warmer than it is today. Additional fieldwork has provided evidence that regions were much wetter during this period than they were during earlier arid conditions.

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