LiMATE TiME LiNe At A Glance

climatologists have been able to reconstruct paleoclimatic periods over the earth's geologic past. The following list summarizes the major climate change episodes.

Ancient Climates—2 MYA to 4.6 BYA

Faint Young sun Paradox snowball earth Hothouse earth

The Pleistocene Climates—10,000 years to 2 MYA

Penultimate Interglacial Period Dansgaard-oeschger events Heinrich events

Holocene/Recent Climate—10,000 years ago to today

Younger dryas cooling Mid-Holocene Thermal Maximum Late Holocene Neoglacial fluctuations The little ice Age

As scientists better understand the climatic events from the past, they are better able to apply their knowledge to the complexities of the climate system today and in the future in an effort to deal with the issues of global warming.

experts disagree, citing instead the fact that humans are causing an accelerated greenhouse effect through the burning of fossil fuels and other carbon-emitting activities.

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