International Series of Monographs on Physics

138. I. M. Vardavas, F. W. Taylor: Radiation and climate 137. A. F. Borghesani: Ions and electrons in liquid helium 136. C. Kiefer: Quantum gravity, Second edition

135. V. Fortov, I. Iakubov, A. Khrapak: Physics of strongly coupled plasma 134. G. Fredrickson: The equilibrium theory of inhomogeneous polymers 133. H. Suhl: Relaxation processes in micromagnetics 132. J. Terning: Modern supersymmetry

131. M. Marino: Chern-Simons theory, matrix models, and topological strings 130. V. Gantmakher: Electrons and disorder in solids

129. W. Barford: Electronic and optical properties of conjugated polymers 128. R. E. Raab, O. L. de Lange: Multipole theory in electromagnetism 127. A. Larkin, A. Varlamov: Theory of fluctuations in superconductors 126. P. Goldbart, N. Goldenfeld, D. Sherrington: Stealing the gold 125. S. Atzeni, J. Meyer-ter-Vehn: The physics of inertial fusion 123. T. Fujimoto: Plasma spectroscopy

122. K. Fujikawa, H. Suzuki: Path integrals and quantum anomalies

121. T. Giamarchi: Quantum physics in one dimension

120. M. Warner, E. Terentjev: Liquid crystal elastomers

119. L. Jacak, P. Sitko, K. Wieczorek, A. Wojs: Quantum Hall systems

118. J. Wesson: Tokamaks, Third edition

117. G. Volovik: The Universe in a helium droplet

116. L. Pitaevskii, S. Stringari: Bose-Einstein condensation

115. G. Dissertori, I. G. Knowles, M. Schmelling: Quantum chromodynamics

114. B. DeWitt: The global approach to quantum field theory

113. J. Zinn-Justin: Quantum field theory and critical phenomena, Fourth edition 112. R. M. Mazo: Brownian motion—fluctuations, dynamics, and applications 111. H. Nishimori: Statistical physics of spin glasses and information processing—an introduction 110. N. B. Kopnin: Theory of nonequilibrium superconductivity 109. A. Aharoni: Introduction to the theory of ferromagnetism, Second edition 108. R. Dobbs: Helium three 107. R. Wigmans: Calorimetry

106. J. Kubler: Theory of itinerant electron magnetism 105. Y. Kuramoto, Y. Kitaoka: Dynamics of heavy electrons 104. D. Bardin, G. Passarino: The Standard Model in the making 103. G. C. Branco, L. Lavoura, J. P. Silva: CP Violation 102. T. C. Choy: Effective medium theory 101. H. Araki: Mathematical theory of quantum fields 100. L. M. Pismen: Vortices in nonlinear fields 99. L. Mestel: Stellar magnetism 98. K. H. Bennemann: Nonlinear optics in metals 97. D. Salzmann: Atomic physics in hot plasmas 96. M. Brambilla: Kinetic theory of plasma waves 95. M. Wakatani: Stellarator and heliotron devices 94. S. Chikazumi: Physics of ferromagnetism 91. R. A. Bertlmann: Anomalies in quantum field theory 90. P. K. Gosh: Ion traps

88. S. L. Adler: Quaternionic quantum mechanics and quantum fields

87. P. S. Joshi: Global aspects in gravitation and cosmology

86. E. R. Pike, S. Sarkar: The quantum theory of radiation

83. P. G. de Gennes, J. Prost: The physics of liquid crystals

82. B. H. Bransden, M. R. C. McDowell: Charge exchange and the theory of ion-atom collision 73. M. Doi, S. F. Edwards: The theory of polymer dynamics 71. E. L. Wolf: Principles of electron tunneling spectroscopy 70. H. K. Henisch: Semiconductor contacts

69. S. Chandrasekhar: The mathematical theory of black holes 51. C. M0ller: The theory of relativity

46. H. E. Stanley: Introduction to phase transitions and critical phenomena 32. A. Abragam: Principles of nuclear magnetism 27. P. A. M. Dirac: Principles of quantum mechanics 23. R. E. Peierls: Quantum theory of solids

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