Ext 4nk2Re[S0Ndz646

where Ndz has units of inverse area and so we can write the extinction cross-section for a single particle as aeXt =4nk-2Re[S(0)]. (6.47)

Knowing the extinction and scattering cross-sections for a single particle we can compute the absorption cross-section of the scattering particle. For a medium consisting of scattering spheres of different radii, a, we can weight a particle cross section by the number density distribution of sizes a = a(a)N (a)da, (6.48)

and we note that the functions Si and S2 are functions of the particle radius and the particle refractive index.

6.3.2 The Mie scattering functions The functions S1(0) and S2(0) can be computed from


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