The origin of el nios name

On January 10, 2005, a landslide hit the community of La Conchita in Ventura County, California, destroying or seriously damaging 36 homes and killing 10 people. Landslides and debris flows are one of the consequences of El NiƱo. (RandyJibson, USGS)

The drop in winds reduces the strength of both the surface and subsurface ocean currents and interferes with the cold-water upwell-ing at the equator that is responsible for supplying ocean ecosystems with valuable nutrients. This could seriously hurt all marine life.

This is an example of how global warming could affect atmospheric circulation, which would then affect ecosystems over large areas. Global warming can affect other atmospheric circulation patterns as well, such as the seasonal monsoon systems. Much of the world's population relies on the monsoon rains. If that balance was upset, it could cause disastrous effects on food and water supplies, ecosystems, health issues, and more. The sometimes obvious, and other times subtle, effects of global warming are serious and far-reaching.

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