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Much research still needs to be done on global warming. Scientists have targeted specific areas where further research is needed. One area is the study of atmospheric composition. The composition of the global atmosphere has a direct influence on climate and air quality, which also affects the health of ecosystems and humans. Further research is necessary to see how human activities, as well as natural phenomena, affect atmospheric composition and how those changes relate to climate change. This type of information is necessary for policy makers as they make decisions in various countries on issues that involve human activities that affect the climate.

Climate variability and change are other areas requiring more research. Climatologists must understand short- and long-term cli mate change and how they are linked. Advances in computer modeling in recent years have enabled scientists to make great strides toward understanding the relationships of climate systems both geographically and over time. Researchers are focusing on predicting future changes on global scales as well as regional and local scales. As satellite imagery becomes more detailed and computer technology becomes more advanced, scientists are able to better understand, model, and project

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