Ocean Current Changes as an Indicator of Global Change

T. Kanzow

National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton, United Kingdom

M. Visbeck

Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences, Kiel, Germany

1. Introduction

2. The Variable Ocean

3. Oceanographers' Tools

4. The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation

4.1. Motivation

4.2. Circulation, Driving Mechanisms

5. The AMOC's Role in Heat Transport, Oceanic Uptake of Carbon and Ventilation of the Deep Ocean

5.1. Simultaneous Changes of the AMOC and Atlantic Climate in the Past

5.2. Why should the AMOC Change as Part of Ongoing Climate Change?

6. Can We Detect Changes in the AMOC? Is the AMOC Changing Already?

7. Conclusion References

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