Yeast: Fungus whose thallus consists of single cells that multiply by budding or fission.

Zoogleal film: A complex population of organisms that form a "slime growth" on a trickling-filter media and break down the organic matter in wastewater. Zoogleal mass: Jelly-like masses of bacteria found in both the trickling filter and

Zoospore: An asexual spore formed by some fungi that usually can move in an aqueous environment via one or more flagella.

Zygospore: Thick-walled resting spore resulting from fusion of two gametangia of

Zygote: In eukaryotes, the single diploid cell resulting from the union (fusion) of

Zymogenous flora: Refers to microorganisms, often transient or alien, that respond rapidly by enzyme production and growth when simple organic substrates become

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