Wool Cloths

Wool cloths can be used to handle acid solutions with concentrations up to 5-6%. Wool cloth has a life comparable to that of cotton in neutral liquors. Wool is woven in the duck-like square cloth weave, or with a raised nap; or it may be formed as a felt. Originally the smooth cloth weave was used for filtering electrolytic slimes and similar slurries. The hairlike fibers, as in cotton cloth, ensure good filtrate clarity. Long-nap wool cloth has found wide application in sewage sludge dewatering and in cases where only ferric chloride is used for conditioning. The wool has a long life and it does not clog easily. Wool cloths are sold by weight, usually ranging 10-22 oz/yd2 with the majority at 12 oz/yd2. The clarity through wool cloths is considerably less than through cotton cloths.

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