Tangential crossflow filtration: Process where the feed stream "sweeps" the membrane surface and the particulate debris is expelled, thus extending filter life. The filtrate flows through the membrane. Most commonly used in the separation of high-and-low-molecular weight matter such as in ultrapure reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and submicron microfiltration processes.

Taxonomy: The classification, nomenclature, and laboratory identification of organisms (Do not confuse with taxidermy - stuffing dead animals)

TDS: Total Dissolved Solids is commonly estimated from the electrical conductivity of the water. Pure water is a poor conductor of electricity. Impurities dissolved in the water cause an increase in the ability of the water to conduct electricity. Conductivity, usually expressed in units of microsimens, formerly micromhos or in mg/1, thus becomes an indirect measure of the level of impurities in the water. TOC: Total organic carbon - a measure of the amount of organic carbon in water. Thermophilic bacteria: Hot temperature bacteria, a group of bacteria that grow and thrive in temperatures above 113° F (45° C), such as bacillus licheniformis. The optimum temperature range for these bacteria in anaerobic decomposition is 120° F (49° C) to 135° F (57° C).

Thread diameter: The cross-sectional measurement of an individual fabric thread/yarn or wire.

Throughput: The amount of solution which will pass through a filter prior to clogging.

Toxic: A substance which is poisonous to a living organism.

Toxicity: The relative degree of being poisonous or toxic. A condition which may exist in wastes and will inhibit or destroy the growth or function of certain organisms.

Transpiration: The process by which water vapor is released to the atmosphere by living plants, a process similar to people sweating.

Trickling filter: An attached culture,wastewater treatment system. A large tank generally filled with rock or rings (see Bio-Tower). Wastewater is sprayed over the top of the media, providing the opportunity for the formation of slimes or biomass to remove wastes from the wastewater, through revolving arms which have spray nozzles. Water is pumped from the bottom of a trickle filter to a secondary clarifier.

TSS: Total suspended solids.

Turbidity: The amount of suspended matter in wastewater, obtained by measuring its light scattering ability.

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