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The following references offer some good general reading and design-specific information.

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The following are Web sites to visit for additional information and calculation methods

23. Cake Filtration Equipment for Biotechnology. There are three general categories of filters used ...

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29. Filtration Behaviors of Rod-shaped Bacterial Broths in Unsteady

membrane surface. The permeation flux followed the cake filtration law at the initial stage of the crossflow filtration of the broths of A subtilis and E. coli ... [More Results From:]

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32. Staff profile page - the Engineering Faculty at Loughborough ... Broad Interests and Expertise. Compressible cake filtration Selection, scale-up and process simulation of solid/liquid separation equipment Washing and .. .http: //www. lboro. ac. uk/departments/eng/research/staff/html/tarleton .html [More Results From:]

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35. Process. In the case of a prescribed applied pressure function, we .. . .html [More Results From:]

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40. Mining Technology - Outokumpu Technology GmbH - Filtration plates with rubber membranes • Endless filter belt • Residue-free cake discharge • Filtration capacity compares more than favourably with other systems on ... [More Results

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