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The following references have been reviewed and are recommended for your further reading. Some of these references will greatly enhance your understanding of the subject matter covered in subsequent chapters.

REVERSE OSMOSIS A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR INDUSTRIAL USERS First Printing 1995, ISBN 0-927188-03-1; By Wes Byrne 461 pages, hard cover, $90

Reverse osmosis (RO) is a relatively new technology whose applications are rapidly growing. Several books have been written emphasizing the theory of membrane technology. This book, however, emphasizes the application of reverse osmosis, specifically in industrial markets. It explains how RO systems are designed and used and offers some sample computer programs to facilitate this process. It defines pretreatment requirements based upon the characteristics of the application. The book is therefore of value to design and process engineers working for RO

equipment manufacturers and engineering companies. The book is written as a training guide. It explains how to monitor and maintain RO systems. This knowledge is critical for the daily evaluation of RO system performance. The book goes on to cover various aspects of membrane cleaning and sanitization. It also discusses most of the common RO system problems that should be investigated when troubleshooting an RO concern. These topics make the book an excellent tool for technicians who maintain RO systems. Some of the more common and some of the more interesting applications of reverse osmosis are discussed in detail. These include two-pass RO for high-purity water production, pharmaceutical water treatment, seawater desalinization, application of RO for juice concentration, plating metal recycling, the treatment of secondary sewage effluent, and the final filtration of deionized (DI) water. For anyone who works with industrial RO systems, the book will provide practical insights into reverse osmosis technology and will serve as an excellent reference.

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