Questions For Thinking And Discussing

1. What are the characteristics of a good filter medium? Make a list of several commercially available products and determine whether or not they meet your criteria.

2. What is the % open area of the weave of a cloth filter, where the opening is on the average 50 microns and the thread diameter is 85 mills.

3. What is the micron rating of a 50 X 250 Dutch weave filter cloth?

4. Select a cloth filter for a filter press application in which the water is both alkaline and has a high content of solvents. The operating temperature could reach as high as 200° F on excursions.

5. Define the terms mesh, wire and opening.

6. Select a bag filter that must operate at temperatures above 300° F and handle concentrations of organic acids in the wastewater.

7. What are some of the factors the impact on the adsorptivity of materials like carbon and diatomaceous earth?

8. Discuss how carbon adsorption works and how it can be used in water treatment applications. Give some specific examples where this technology is used to remove specific contaminants.

9. Develop a general classification system for dry bulk chemical additives and filter aids based on ease of feeding to a filtering machine.

10. Conduct a lab test to measure the bulk densities of several filter aids. If you don't have the chemicals, then describe how you would do the tests and what specific measurements and calculations are needed.

11. The pore volume of a material is 30 % and its particle density is 1.3 g/cm3. Calculate the skeletal density of the material.

12. What is the effect of moisture on the flowability and feeding characteristics of dry bulk filter aids?

13. Explain the terms angle of repose, angle of internal friction, and angle of slide. Why are these important to dry bulk chemical handling?

14. What is permeability and how can it be expressed as an engineering parameter.?

15. Describe the method for estimating pore size distribution.

16. Develop a checklist of items/issues you should follow when selecting a filter media.

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