Importing Biosolids From New York Case Studyl

Biosolids from New York, N. Y., have been imported into southeastern Colorado for application to dry land wheat, grassland, and reclamation sites. The Colorado Department of Health and the EPA have issued land application permits for about 7700 ha (19,000 ac). Annual precipitation in the area averages 36 cm. Biosolids from this project were used to reclaim a 104 ha (258 ac) sand blowout on private land near Granada, Colorado. The sandy dunes began as a 12 ha (30 ac) area subject to wind erosion. Like the many other blowouts in the Arkansas River valley, the dunes resisted all previous efforts at reclamation. Dewatered biosolids were mixed with wood chips and seeded with an improved range grass mixture. Approximately 4500 dry tons of the biosolid mixture were applied at rates of 20 and 40 dry tons/ac. This site has shown rapid germination and establishment of grasses. Biosolids were also applied to dry land wheat and range grass in the area. The inability to provide sufficient quantities of biosolids to satisfy the demands of local farmers and ranchers has been a problem.

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