Coagulants And Flocculantstheory and Practice

1st Printing 1995; ISBN 0-927188-04-X By Dr. Yong H. Kim. Softcover, 96 pages. Price: $23.

The purpose of this book is to provide engineers and plant operators who are involved in solid-liquid separation with a fundamental understanding of coagulation and flocculation. Applications include water and wastewater treatment, pulp and paper industries, mineral processing, and enhanced oil recovery. The readers of the book will obtain an appropriate knowledge of coagulants and polymeric flocculants, their chemistry, properties, and utilization. As a result, they should be able to optimize the performance of pertinent processes. They will especially find useful information about the dissolution of polymeric flocculants-a previously neglected topic, but one which has serious effects on the subsequent flocculation process. Considering the wide -spread use of polymeric flocculants in the field, there are very limited sources readily available to many interested readers. This book will serve as a useful text for them to be well equipped on the subject.

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