Market areas of interest to manufacturers of ozone systems, actual uses defined as those which have been in operation for some time and not including "pilot" studies, arise in the following categories: odor control (sewage treatment and industrial), industrial chemicals synthesis, industrial water and wastewater treatment, and drinking water disinfection.

Ozone has proven to be effective against viruses. France has adopted a standard for the use of ozone to inactivate viruses. When an ozone residual of 0.4 mg/I can be measured 4 minutes after the initial ozone demand has been met, viral inactivation is satisfied. This property plus ozone's freedom from residual formation are important considerations in the public health aspects of ozonation. When ozonation is combined with activated carbon filtration, a high degree of organic removal can be achieved. Concerning the toxicity of oxidation products of ozone and the removal of specific compounds via ozonation, available evidence does not indicate any major health hazards associated with the use of ozone in wastewater treatment.

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