Table 163

Some Additional Properties of Cation Exchangers


Strongly Acidic:

Sulfonated polystyrene: Homogeneous resin: 1% cross-linked 2% cross-linked 4% cross-linked 5-6% cross-linked 8-10% cross-linked 12% cross-linked 14% cross-linked 16% cross-linked 20% cross-linked Macroporous Sulfonated phenolic resins Resins from phenol methylene sulfuric acid Sulfonated coal

Weakly Acidic:

Acrylic or meta acrylic: Homogeneous resin: 5% cross-linked 10% cross-linked Macroporous Phenolic and related condensation products Polystyrene phosphonic acid Polystyrene iminodiacetate Inorganic materials: Greensand Aluminum silicate Celluloses:

Phosphonic, low capacity Phosphonic, high capacity Methyl carboxylic

Exchange Capacity, dry meq .

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