Oxidation Of Iron And Manganese To Reduce Precipitation pH

To summarize, the optimum pH's of precipitation are as follows: ferrous removed as Fe(OH)2, 11.5 < optimum pH < 12.5; ferrous removed as Fe(OH)3, 5.5 < optimum pH < 12.5; and Mn removed as Mn(OH)2, 11.5 < optimum pH < 12.5. The reason for the high pH values for the removal of iron as Fe(OH)2 and for the removal of manganese as Mn(OH)2 is the formation of the complex ions. These ions are FeOH+ and Fe(OH)3 for the ferrous ion and Mn(OH)+, Mn(OH)0, and Mn(OH)4 for the pH, Dissolved

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