(CH2CH2N)nCH2CH2N -PA-100 membrane

(CH2CH2N)nCH2CH2N -PA-100 membrane

The chloride atom in isophthaloyl chloride is attached to the carboxyl group. In this reaction, the H in the amine group of polyethylene amine reacts with the chloride in the carboxyl group producing HCl, as shown by the product over the arrow, and the PA-100 membrane to the right of the reaction equation. As in the case of the NS-100, the reaction forms the closed loop resulting in cross-linked structure of the PA-membrane. Thus, a molecular pore is again produced.

Epiamine, a polyether amine, reacting with isophthaloyl chloride produces the PA-300 membrane as shown in the following reaction:

ch2 I


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