Nm KMH4 [SnhJGko [So2CpH

where subscripts n are appended to signify nitrification. However,

Qw&null + iQo-QwnXnel-QolXno] = J_ [XJV Qcn where fin is the specific growth rate and 6cn is the mean cell retention time (MCRT) for the nitrifiers. Thus, the equation becomes

Typical range of values for kdn is 0.03-0.06 per day; typical value of p,n = 0.05/d.

Our interest is in being able to determine the length of time that the nitrifiers are to be grown so that the size of the reactor can be calculated. This means determining the equation for 6cn. From Equation (15.88), 6cn = 1/(un - kdn) which, from Equation (15.83),

Using Eqs. (15.84) through (15.86), Equation (15.89) becomes

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