0.227 m3/h

8.3454 lbm/Mgal

2.4711 acre, 104 m2

746 W, 33000 ft-lbf/min, 2545 Btu/h, 0.0738 boiler hp 1.98(106) ft-lbf 1 cycle/s 2.54 cm

2.7778(10-7) kW-h, 0.7376 ft-lbf, 1.0 W-s, 1.0 N-m, 0.2388 cal,

107 ergs 2.2046 lbm

(continued )

43,560 ft2, 0.00156 mi2, 0.405 ha acre


kg/kW-h kJ

kJ/kg km kPa kW

kW-hr kW/m3



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