Milligram moles per liter of alkalinity required in nitrification

Ultimate oxygen demand, mg/L

mg/L of oxygen demand at end of five days mg/L of BOD5 corresponding to [SEW„;i]mmol mg/L of BOD5 corresponding to [SEW^]^

Chemical oxygen demand, considered approximately equal to

Fractional correction factor due to the effect of pH Mole of electron Electromotive force

Electromotive force at {H+} = 10-7 moles per liter Ratio of BOD5 to BOD„ YBO^ mole cells/mole sewage Fraction of p" destroyed Number of coulombs per farady Free energy

Standard free energy at {H+} = 10-7 moles per liter


Rate of decay kd of heterotrophs, per day kd of nitrifiers, per day kd of denitrifiers, per day

Half-velocity constant

Ks for carbon source, mg/L

Ks for nitrification, mg/L

Ks for denitrification, mg/L

Ks for dissolved oxygen, mg/L

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