Note: In the previous calculation, the activity coefficients have been ignored.

Example 11.11 A water sample from the reactor of a softening plant has a total alkalinity of [A]geq = 2.74(10-3) geq/L, pH of 10, [Ca2+] = 0.7 mgmol/L, [Mg2+] = 0.6 mgmol/L, and ji = 3.7(10-3). Using the Langelier saturation pH equation, pHs = 8.7. Calculate the amount of carbon dioxide necessary to lower the pH to the saturation value. Use fo^ = 0.00422.


curl gea a.

[ Acadd ]geq = 2.74( 10_3) + 000422 = 2.74 (10_3) geq/L Ans

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