[Co] gram equivalents per liter, geq/m Qo cubic meters per second, m /s n dimensionless m dimensionless

Now, with all the units known, it is easy to substitute the values into the equation; the proper unit of the answer will simply fall into place.

The values can be substituted into the equation in two ways: direct substitution and indirect substitution. Direct substitution means substituting the values directly into the equation and making the conversion into proper units while already substituted. Indirect substitution, on the other hand, means converting the values into their proper units outside the equation before inserting them into the equation. These methods will be elaborated in the next example.

Example 3 In the equation I = 96-494[CM6.n(m-:2-, the following values for the factors are given: [Co] = 4000 mg/L of NaCl; Qo = 378.51 m3/d; n = 0.77, m = 400, and M = 0.90. Calculate the value of I by indirect substitution and by direct substitution.

Solution: Indirect substitution: In indirect substitution, all terms must be in their proper units before making the substitution, thus:

NaCl = 23 + 35.45 = 58.45, molecular mass of sodium chloride Therefore,

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