Solving for the constants a and b produces a = I ^-JCL (m ny'ICl f (8.35)

Example 8.5 A wastewater containing [Co] = 25 mg/L of phenol is to be treated using PAC to produce an effluent concentration [C ] eff = of 0.i0 mg/L. The PAC is simply added to the stream and the mixture subsequently settled in the following sedimentation tank. The constants of the Langmuir equation are determined by running a jar test producing the results below. The volume of waste subjected to each test is one liter. If a flow rate of Qo of 0.ii m /s is to be treated, calculate the quantity of PAC needed for the operation. What is the adsorption capacity of the PAC? Calculate the quantity of PAC needed to treat the influent phenol to the ultimate residual concentration.

Test PAC Added M (g) [C] (mg/L)
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