of 50,000 m /d and a minimum flow of 20,000 m /d. There should be a minimum of three channels operating at any time. Assume a flow-through velocity of 0.3 m/s and that the channels are to be controlled by Parshall flumes.

Solution: Four baseline cross-sectional areas must be considered and computed as follows:

A = 80,000 = 077 2 Apeak, four channels 4(0.3)(24)(60)(60- 0./7 m

The channels are to be controlled by Parshall flumes, so the cross sections are parabolic. Thus,

-mpk ^ 2/3 ° 2 Wmpk and determine coordinates at corresponding areas. Let wmpk = 1.5 m.

For Apeak, four chambers 0.77 m .

2 Wmpk 2 15

2 Wmpk 2 15

Area (m2)

w (m)

Zo (m)


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