from which n = Yn(1 - Ym). Substituting these new values into , we have m + n = Fm+ Yn(1 - Ym) 1 - m 1 - Ym

Therefore, the mmol/L of alkalinity required, [Ani(]mmol, for the p" mmol/L of nitrate nitrogen produced in the nitrification stage is

Equation (15.31) may be used to derive the production of alkalinity from sewage. To signify that the equation pertains to the regular heterotrophic secondary treatment of sewage as opposed to the heterotrophic side reaction, change r and q to rs and qs, respectively, where s stands for secondary in the regular heterotrophic secondary treatment reaction. The overall manipulations are indicated next. Note that all the terms of the equation are divided by the coefficient of HCO- and then multiplied by 1/20.

50 ; (20)C-H>9NO3 + 2^ (20) O2 ^ Kk (20) C5H7NO2

2r,-3^ ^20J 10 19 3 2rs-3qs ^20^2 2^-3^ ^20^ 10^ 100 1^0

2rs-3 qs

100 100

The previous result shows that 1/20 mole of HCO3 came from rs + qs

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