FIGURE 4.8 Pump characteristic curves for a 375-mm impeller. (Courtesy of Smith and Loveless. With permission.)

performance of a given particular pump. Figure 4.7 illustrates the setup used for developing pump characteristics (Hammer, 1986) and Figure 4.8 shows an example of characteristic curves of one particular pump.

Apply the equation for TDHfullsd to the figure. For convenience, it is reproduced below.

With point 1 as the datum, z2 is equal to 0. f is the head loss in the suction side from point 1 to the inlet of the pump and hfd is the head loss in the discharge side from the outlet of the pump to point 2. Because the distances are very short, they can be neglected compared to the other terms in the equation. PB is equal to the gage pressure at point 2, PgB, plus the barometric pressure. In terms of PgB, PB is then equal to PgB + Patm. The most complete treatment will also include the vapor pressure of water. Neglecting vapor pressure since it is negligible, however, the previous

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