Physical constant

Atomic mass unit (amu)

Acceleration due to gravity (g)

Avogadro's number

Boltzmann constant

Charge-to-mass ratio for electrons

Electrical permittivity constant

Electron charge

Electron rest mass

Faraday constant gmole lbmole

Neutron rest mass

Planck constant

Proton rest mass

Speed of light in vacuum

Standard temperature and pressure (STP)

Standard room temperature

Universal gas constant


1-2 the mass of C12 = 1.6605402(10-27) kg 9.80665 m/s2 and 32.174 ft/s2 at sea level 6.0221367(1023) per gmol 1.380658(10-23) J/K° 1.75881962(1011) coulomb per kg 8.85(10-12) coulomb/V-m 1.60217733(10-19) coulomb 9.109390(10-31) kg

9.6485309(104) coulomb per equivalent

359 ft3 ideal gas at STP of 0°C and 1 atm

1.6749286(10-27) kg

6.6260755(10-34) J-s

1.6726231(10-27) kg

2.99792458(108) m/s

8.205784(10-2) L-atm-°K/gmol, 8.314510 J/gmol-°K, 1.987 cal/gmol-°K, 82.05 atm-cm3/gmol-°K, 4.968(104) lbm-ft2/(lbmole)-°R, 49,720 ft-lbf/slug-°R

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