The 0.874 m /s is close to 0.85 m /s and corresponds to a throat width of 0.61 m = 2.0 ft. Since 0.85 m /s is close to this value, from the table, choose the standard dimensions having a throat width of 2.0 ft = 0.61 m. Ans

(b) From the table for a 2-ft flume, M = 1 ft 3 in. The entrance to the flume is sloping upward at 25%. Thus, the elevation of the floor level (Refer to Figure 3.6.) is 100 - (1 + 3/12)(0.25) = 99.69 ft. K, the difference in elevation between lower end of flume and crest of level floor = 3 in. Thus, invert of outgoing sewer should be set at 99.69 - 3/12 = 99.44 ft. Ans

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