For those situations where the ratio is less than 7.2, nitrogen will run out first. In these cases, should nitrogen be controlled?

Certain forms of algae, the blue-greens, can synthesize nitrogen from the air into ammonia, which they need for growth (Sincero, 1984). These particular species are very resistant and can survive anywhere where there is a water body. Thus, if this is the case in a particular body of water, it may be a waste of money to remove nitrogen, because the alga could simply get the nitrogen it needs from the air. Phosphorus should be removed, instead. These situations can become very political, however, especially with some environmentalists. Some authorities even claim that it is still advisable to remove both nitrogen and phosphorus (D'Elia, 1977). It is in this situation that modeling of the effect of the discharge of the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus on the eutrophication potential of the water body should be investigated accurately and in great detail.

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