SO4 = 216.0 mg/L. (a) Check if the number of equivalents of positive and negative ions are balanced. For a flow of 25,000 m /d and a complete removal of hardness, calculate (b) the lime requirement, (c) the soda ash requirement, and (d) the mass of solids and volume of sludge produced. Assume that the lime used is 90% pure and the soda ash used is 85% pure. Also, assume that the specific gravity of the sludge is 1.04.

TABLE 10.3 Fractional Removals


/r(0.0123MrCaHC03 + 0.05Mrea) + /2(0.0137MragHC0r + ^.O^^j^^j,! (0.0123MrcaHC03 + 0.0^'l'lr^(la) + (0.0137MmgHC03 + 0r082MTMg)

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